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What is a Red Tape Ninja

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Red Tape Ninjas are above all execution specialist. They solve I.T. problems with resolution efficiency. If the client has an I.T. problem, Red Tape Ninjas verify the problem and work to either neutralize the symptoms or solve the root cause - whichever is more efficient for the client. Long-term problems tend to require root-cause/permanent fixes. Eliminating symptoms is sometimes good enough for short-term problems.

Red Tape Ninjas are pragmatists who take a practical approach to technology problems and are concerned primarily with the success of their actions. "Doing it right" is not source of pride for the RTN. Technology is a tool; not a way to be cool. Tools are either advantageous in a given situation or they are not.

RTNs are knowledgeable in software tools, are flexible enough to work in many software and social environments, and are nimble and accomplished developers.

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